We all know that there’s nothing like home-cooked food, but we have busy lives and takes time to plan, shop and cook. And not all of us enjoy it, or are even very good at it….

And yet, all over Bristol, talented people are cooking delicious and extraordinary food in their own homes. What if the people who love cooking and are good at it, helped out the ones who love good food but don’t always have the time, energy or skills? And made themselves some extra ‘dough’ into the bargain…?

We’ve all seen how Air BnB has made it easy for ordinary people to make money from letting out parts of their homes. What if great cooks could turn their kitchen into a cottage industry and share their signature dishes with the world?

We cherry-pick the crème de la crème of Bristol’s talented home cooks to feature on our site.

All About the Cooks enables those amazing cooks to sell the food they make in their own kitchen, fitting it in around their own lives. And lets the busy people (we call them ‘consumers’, because we like a food pun) feed their friends and family the food they wish they’d made themselves.


The Currant Problem

Why this?  Why now? 

  • There is currant-ly no easy way for talented home cooks to sell their food.

  • 99% of people we surveyed would rather eat home-cooked food than takeaways or ready meals.

  • Increasingly, many people lack the time, energy, will - or skill -  to cook from scratch.

What’s the Solution?

OK, we’ll spill the beans… 

All About the Cooks connects those passionate home cooks, who want to make money doing what they love, with people who want to eat delicious, home-cooked food, but who don’t always want to make it themselves. Let’s call them consumers...we like a food pun!

Launching this Autumn in Bristol, we plan to grow, City by City to enable people everywhere to share food.


Who’s behind all this?

The Top Bananas

Claire Ladkin, Founder  - Claire brings to the table 15 years of ad agency, marketing and project management experience and a smorgasboard of business and non-exec interests, including being Chair of Bristol Food Connections CIC and a Board Trustee of Bristol Zoo. Claire’s been at the beating heart of Bristol Food Culture for four years and knows a fad from a food trend. She is also a member of the LEP/WECA Advisory Sector Group for Food and Rural Economy. Her mission is to “eat real food cooked in kitchens, not products made in factories.

Patrick Makin, Founder  - Patrick has a varied career portfolio – you could say he has his finger in many pies. From marketing food brands for Unilever for the Middle East, to foreign correspondent, turned freelance writer, he’s a problem solver, creative thinker and idea generator. He is also an award winning writer, producer and film director, so brings a certain creative flair to the plate. 

Some Key Ingredients

Christine Kavanagh - TONIC, Branding Partner

Simon Bos - Gravitywell, Tech Partner

Origin Workspace Team - range of advisory and mentoring services